An angel in the book of

life wrote down our baby's

birth and whispered as she closed

the book "Too beautiful for Earth"

Author Unknown.



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How You'ved Helped


     With all of your support, we have been able to help a lot of families from all over the world.  Each family that we have met, hold a very special place in our heart and for that reason we would like to share a few of their stories with you.       With the money raised we have donated to several families so far who have unfortunately been stricken with a sick family member and have high medical expenses.  We are also looking into repainting the pediatric intensive care unit at Winthrop Hospital as well as making improvements to the family room at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.



     This family that we would like to share with you touched our hearts immediately. The family is from London and has three beautiful children. Their story is very much like ours, two out of the three children were born with Alpers Disease.  Their first child, Sidney passed away at three, their middle daughter, Hattie, is a healthy 6 year old, and their youngest, Freddie, four years old, just gained his angel wings last year.  Their mother was a stay at home mom who devoted her entire day to caring for both of her sons who required 24 hour medical care.  This family lives every day with a broken heart and has just sweet memories of their precious boys.  However, they are an inspiration to others always keeping positive and cherishing every day.  Our prayers and thoughts are always with them.



     This truly amazing family has also touched us so deeply.  Their story, also very similar to ours, they live in Texas and have three beautiful little girls, Mikayla (6 years old), Morgan (4 years old), and Madison (2 years old).  One year ago their precious Mikayla suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with this devastating disease, Alpers.  As heartbroken and devastated as they were, they had to get their other two beautiful girls tested to see if they too were going to suffer the same fate as their older sister.   Sadly, the heartbreak was going to continue for this amazing family, their sweet, beautiful Morgan also had this horrible disease and their youngest, Madison was thankfully healthy.   Coincidently, Mikayla and Morgan have always been inseparable and held a very special bond deeper that just sisters. 


Last year their lives were turned upside down when their precious Mikayla gained her angel wings.  Still trying to deal with their sadness, they were quickly reliving their nightmare all over again.  Sweet Morgan started getting sick as well.  She is currently battling this disease right now.  This beautiful family has been through so much and has had continuous heartbreak.  Our hearts truly break for you and we will always admire your strength and determination.  Our prayers will continue to go out to your beautiful daughter.



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